Plate Bug

Mon May 5 21:49:14 EDT 1997

Hi tube ops....just a note to express my need for a small plate
transformer, 2500 to 2800 vct at only 300 ma.  It seem all I've got are
either too small or too big for the project.  This is an effort to get
the old ART-13 on the air.  I've got the filament system and autotune
up and running, now for some HV for the 813 and 811's.  I've got all
I need for the 400 volt feed, just trying to find a decent transformer
to keep from kluging up a plate supply.

So...if you've got a bug like this and are in a sell/trade mood, drop
me a line.

Thanks for reading


Doug, K7YD

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