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Tue May 6 14:04:55 EDT 1997

Various pieces of gear for sale from estate of Silent Key.

None of the equipment has been put through its paces recently - the gentleman
in question was disabled about 12 years before his death and so for 12 years
all this gear sat unused. Obviously everything worked at that time; everything
that's for sale now should hopefully go to someone who knows or understands
the gear in question and is willing to tinker if necessary. This is why the
prices stated are cheap!

KENWOOD TS130: Still in box. Taken out to check once when purchased years
ago and
put back in closet as a "spare". Looks beautiful. Neat little ham band only
(80-10) rig, built in digital r/o, 100W, great for mobile.   $275.00

KENWOOD TS430S: This unit works but may need alignment. These rigs should
not sit for
years without being used! Cycling the T/R relay, as well as the band change
relays, seems to help. Probably needs a lot of cycling. Right now rig works
perfectly on 80 and 40. Reduced sensitivity on higher bands may be due to
just to relay contacts
not being used, or may need alignment.Top cover spray repainted, does not
match but is clean.

If you were going to use this rig on 80-75 and 40, it's perfect as is.
Vox/delay work fine, sounds good, receives well, puts out 90-100W. NO extra
filters. With manual.
                                                Price: 325.00 firm as is. If I buy a new
top cover for it and have it serviced, it'll go for around $500.00.

LAFAYETTE HA1200: two meter AM transceiver, tunable receiver
AND VFO. Cosmetically good, with manual. $50.00

COLLINS KWM2 W/E, has Waters Q-Mult. With Companion AC/PS/Speaker, also W/E,
and 312B4 Station Console, W/E. All three units together (no time to deal
separating out!) Cosmetics maybe a 6-7 out of 10. Basically decent, panels
look very good, a few small scratches here and there. Equipment PROBABLY
electrically OK. I do not have the time to check and run through alignments
(if necessary) so this should be a bargain for someone but PLEASE don't
inquire unless you are familiar with this gear! Price $400.00 for the three
units together. Pick up here in CT only.

ATLAS 210X  with the VERY RARE external VFO unit, as well as the Atlas
readout. Manuals included for the 210X and the external VFO. Cosmetics
good, electrically unknown. No time to check out or troubleshoot. If you're
into Atlas radios, then you know what this gear is! Whole shebang $275.00.

TWO (2) GONSET Super Six HF mobile converters, with one "SuperCeiver" IF,
and speaker/PS (one). With manuals and various AC/DC P/S accessories.
pretty rough. Both probably work but these will probably appeal only to
Gonset fanatics! One converter has back corner of case opened up - so as to
fit in a
VW Bug where it was used for several years!
$30.00 for the whole bunch. Problem is, shipping including the PS
stuff, will probably come to over $30.00, so local pickup will be best..

TWO (2) ELDICO SSB100A 100W phasing rigs with PTO freq control 80-10 and 1"
CRT scope shows trap pattern. Not on air for over 15 years. Cosmetics 3-4
out of 10, one has some paint peeling on panel. Both worked last time used
but it's been a while!
With manual(s),  these might be useful as parts rigs or to restore - could
go either way. PICK UP ONLY!!!!! $60.00 for the both of them.

Johnson 6N2 transmitter with companion VFO, and manuals. No P/S or
modulator. TX maybe 5-6 out of 10, VFO 8-9 out of 10.Electrically unknown,
probably works.

ROGERS "BLACK WIDOW" two meter transmitter-receiver, with AC/PS. PS Looks
transceiver itself maybe 6-7 out of 10. With warranty card (!) and manual.
from 1955. A real collector's item for someone - $40.00.

CLEGG FM-28 synthesized two meter rig with digital r/o, manual. A real
in its day, obviously still fine for packet or non p/l use. $75.00.

AZDEN PCS2000, same idea as Clegg. Seems to work OK. no manual, may be around
somewhere. $60.00.

DAG-1 PORTABLE RDF SET, 1.6 - 18.2 mHz. made by Airplane & Marine
Instruments, Inc.
for USN BuShips.  Neat khaki metal cabinet. Great shape. Green felt lined
compartment: Unit needs B+, bias and filament batteries! Or make your own P/S.
Case has some scratches but very clean looking. Excellent front panel.
works fine. Comes with shielded loop antenna and sensing antenna whip, and
bearing compass in leather case which goes in compartment with its own door.
Part numbers: Radio is CIA 46174A, Loop assembly is CIA 69077. Definitely a
collector's item. $200.00. If it doesn't sell it'll go in my radio museum!

Shipping at cost over and above prices shown.

Various other items coming, will post when I get the chance.


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