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Yes, and in fact there is still a company in CANADA that SELLS 19

There were a lot less of the 22 sets made however, but they were
pretty similar.

Take a lok at my web site for the addres of the guy in Canada.
He actually has a catalog and sells all of the accessories for the 19
set too!

It was a venerable 807 rig with about 10 watts of AM!
Pretty rustic actually!

Not a s good as the ARC-5 and about 4 times the size.
A lot of British hams used them in the 1950s.


On 16 May 97 at 10:28, EWoodman at aol.com spoke about Ferret Radio and

> I have a friend who recently purchased a fully restored Ferret. This
> is a British military armored patrol vehicle built back in the 50's.
> The radio transciever installed in it is designated as a C-42. This
> covers approx. 30 - 60 Mc and is FM (15Kc deviation). We were
> thinking about installing a different radio. I don't imagine a
> wide-band FM signal would be much appreciated on 6 meters.  We have
> found that a Wireless Set No. 19 or 22 would also be historically
> correct as these were used in the early vehicles. Can anyone give me
> a description of these sets and whether they ever show up for sale?
> (He drives and I get to sit in the turret and play with the radio
> gear so it would be nice to have something usable as well as
> historically correct! That's what I call a REAL boatanchor!)
> Thanks and 73,
> Eric  KA1YRV
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