Trade telescope for BA stuff?

Dave gekko95 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun May 18 14:03:22 EDT 1997

Ok ok - I'm stretching the charter!  While getting
ready for an open house today, I realized the
Meade telescope we bought to view the comet-before-
last is just taking up room and not getting used.
It honestly was outside 2 nights, and that was it!

Anyone want it?  Trade for some sort of BA offering!

It's a 60mm objective refractor, with 90 degree viewing
prism, terrestrial corrected, with several lenses and
filters.  Also has the Meade motor drive unit installed
for tracking celestial objects.  Comes with manual
and 2-disk Star Navigator (windows) star chart software.
Has wooden tripod with lens holder.

It's still in the current Damark catalog for $149 plus
$79 for the motor drive.

Anyway, if you have some sort of BA in the $100 range and
want a telescope that's only a year old, let me know!

Again, sorry to be sorta off-topic!


30 BA's on the air regularly!  Homebrew QRG at 7.047 nightly


         "35EH5's - Hope ya choke on 'em"

                                - Bitter designer of an
                                  ill-fated tube design
                                  just prior to the
                                  transistor craze


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