BA Haunts ?

Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) bry at MNSINC.COM
Wed May 21 05:47:18 EDT 1997

> On 10 May 97 at 13:30, Gary D Elliott spoke about BA Haunts ? and
> said:
> > Greeting's BA's
> >
> > I will be in Charlotte, NC Aug 10th-14th wondering any BA Haunts,
> > Surplus Stores, or Ham Radio Stores in town.  Thanks for any info
> >
> > 73 Gary K7OX

Say guys, I am sure most of you know already that I keep a list of
places all over the country where to buy BA gear, parts etc.
Some are businesses, like Fair Radio.
Others are just guys like us that have a good stash on a regular
basis. Can you help add to the list and make our lives
more convenient?

What places do YOU know of that others on here might
enjoy? Electronics parts stores count even if they only sell a few BA

How about e-mailing some information for me to add?
Inlude the name, address & phone numbers of possible of any of these
places and I will add them.

You can get the existing list at:

and I hope this helps in your travels!

Happy Anchor Hunting!

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