Clegg Labs Venus

Gary Franklin franklin at NET-LINK.NET
Tue May 27 19:28:15 EDT 1997

Brian Carling (Radio G3XLQ / AF4K) wrote:
> Gary - tell us a little about the Venus. What modes does it do and
> how much power? Is it a crystal rig  or does it include a VFO?
> Just another curious 6m AM op!
> Bry


Thanks for your response..... Clegg Labs produced some of the finest VHF gear of its
day!  The Venus was a SSB/AM/CW transceiver which featured a low noise high sensitivity
nuvistor front end, it used a crystal lattice filter on both transmit and receive.
Featured a +_ 1.5kc receiver offset tuning, and broadband circuits throughout to
simplify tuning. It was rated at 85 watts PEP and ran AM/SSB/CW from 49.975 to 50.475
Mc's. Receiver sensitivity: .25 uv for 6db, less than 6Kc at 50db.  On 6 meters I run a
Clegg Zeus transmitter at about 180 watts input using a 4x150A in the final
plate modulated with a pair of 811A's, and a Clegg Interceptor receiver. Also run a
Collins S-line with a 62S-1 transverter on SSB... Look for me on 50.4 AM this summer!


73's Gary  K8BKB

franklin at

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