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Dave Kelley - AI7R aa7tq at PRIMENET.COM
Tue May 27 15:19:38 EDT 1997

Greetings from list admin...

If you received a handful of messages today dating back a few days I'd like
to say "sorry about that".  BUT, the good news is, those old "flushes" of
the past are pretty much gone.  The one we did today was manually run to
clear some buffers, but it's obvious we know what was causing those massive
ones a few months back...and those won't happen again.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we should be switching over to a new e-mail server
that is fully under our control and is there just for the list server.  We
should have a nice tight handle on things from that point on.

Meanwhile, I see that the Heath and Collins lists are over 300 now.  That's
a nice number.  The free BA list is there too, but as long as people paid
the bux they are still doing all their talking on the pay list...and that's
understandable.  I just did the same thing I'd do to keep BAs at an
affordable level.

Sorry again for the additional bandwidth.

Remember, the archives are available at and
are updated as soon as a post goes through the system.  You can sort a lot
of ways too....very handy.  They go back to the very first posts!

73 and keep'm warm

A I 7 R

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