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Kelley, Dave Dave_Kelley at TEMPE.GOV
Fri Nov 7 10:15:13 EST 1997


As list admin I'd like to commend you all for doing such a great job
keeping the interest in these topics high...and everyone on topic.

I'd like to remind everyone to NEVER JUST REPLY to a message on the
list.  It works but....  Please start a fresh message and use cut and
paste (limiting the amount you copy of course) when posting to the list.
Each 'reply' gives me an error message because the original header shows
up in the message and, although it still sends it to the list, the
server doesn't like it and tells me so.  There are technical reasons why
it checks for headers in a message.

Because people move from ISP to ISP, and from time to time ISPs change
your e-mail address in ways that foul up list servers, I start getting
massive amounts of 'error messages' from the list server.   I am in the
process of deleting a LOT of subscribers that are being marked as
problem e-mail addresses.  Already the number of error messages are
dropping for me.  It gets bad when 300 messages a day are listserver
messages about bad addresses.  So, every once in a while I take the hour
or two that it takes to 'cull' out the bad addresses.  This shouldn't
actually effect anyone because it means they haven't been getting the
messages anyhow..or at least not regularly.  But I wanted to point this
out in case someone got bumped and thought someone was out to get
them...not the case.

Everyone have a great weekend and 73


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