"AM" vs. DSB

William Gode wiley at INTERACCESS.COM
Mon Nov 17 18:52:57 EST 1997

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Joel Govostes wrote:
> I never did monitor my own signal, (and the rig operated fine,) but now I
> wonder - was the rig only generating the sidebands (both); i.e. was there
> no carrier generated in that case (true DSB)?  Or would there have actually
> been a carrier, perhaps reduced, compared to a "normal" AM  transmitter -
> signal.

Since the original question pertained to a Hallicrafters transmitter,
"DSB" was used by Hallicrafters to signify the AM mode with their
SSB transmitters.  One put the rig in DSB mode which unbalanced the
balanced modulator, resulting in a carrier as the rig transmitted both
sidebands.  It's nothing more than low-level AM from an SSB rig.

At least with my HT-37, DSB will not result in both sidebands being
transmitted with supressed carrier...regardless of the drive control
setting.  The drive control is set to 1/2 of full scale CW output
giving 20-25 watts of carrier with modulation peaks of 100 watts when
the mike gain is set properly.


Bill, W9NHQ

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