tube supplier - WHY NEW?

Don Buska d.buska at AAIATE.COM
Tue Nov 25 11:50:48 EST 1997

Why new Steve?   I've been buying used tested tubes from Dan Nelson in
Phoenix, AZ and highly recommend his services!  Actually, did I say
"buying", he was looking for some British tubes for me for many months,
and ended up sending them to me free-of-charge (twice) because he felt it
took to long!  This man didn't know me from adam and provides this
outstanding performance.  In fact I told him to take his time as I wasn't
going to get around to repairing the needed receiver for a long time.

Email Dan for his latest list (see below).  I'll never buy new again!!!!!

Here is a blurp from his email catalog: (Check out #5)

0. All tubes have a 30 day warrenty after shipment
   Defective tubes will be replaced or refunded.

1. Include alternatives if your selection is sold out.

2. I have many unlisted 3, 5, 8 volt tubes as well
   as other odd voltages. Indicate your needs.

3. Each tube is boxed individually.

4. Orders over 4 lbs will be shipped to the specified
   address via UPS. UPS will NOT deliver to PO boxes.

5. Do NOT send payment or shipping funds. I will invoice
   with the order as after the tubes are tested and
      boxed. You pay after you see them. Please, DO NOT
      send funds, I have to refund odd amounts in cash
      or check when there is a shortage or a tube tests
      bad. This is a pain.

6. This list is subject to revision due to price
      changes and changes in inventory. Please refer
      to the date on the bottom of the page when ordering.

7. I always have tubes not yet on the list. Please list
      those you wish even if they are not listed. Do not
      send any funds even for unlisted tubes but indicate

8. Special prices from monthly specials or other price
      reductions for quantity, deals, etc. are NOT included
      in calculations for additional discounts.

9. All tubes should be considered USED.

10. I will pick out special brands and quality levels.
   In most cases there is not a price increase, although
   the time to dig through the various piles may increase
   the delivery time. Selection of Europeon tubes may
   incur a price increase. Please indicate your preferences!

11. If you prefer a specific envelope shape or brand name
   indicate this with your instructions or I will fill the
   order with the first type I come across. Note that in
   some cases the search for specific tubes will take some
   time if they are uncommon.

        Dan Nelson
        (602) 243-7421 (Home w/Machine. Home after work)
        1025 E. DESERT LANE
        PHOENIX, ARIZONA   85040

        E-Mail:  djn at

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997 22:16:39 -0600, Steven K. Lords wrote:

>i am looking a good reliable source for new tubes
>any suggestions??
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