tidbit on CD radio surplus

Gary Pewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Sun Nov 30 11:57:18 EST 1997

Are you talking about the Bulgar crackers?  Those
things were terrible!!  They might have sustained
life -if- you could get anyone to eat them.
I used to work in a building with a fallout
shelter and there were tons of old civil defense
rations and medicine.  The medical supplies were
all outdated (like 20 years) and probably would
have done more harm than good.  The only useable
items were the geiger counters.  For some reason
in one of the boxes there was a quart bottle of
pure liquid nicotine.  Enough to poison thousands
of people.  Hmmm!  "On the Beach" anyone?
After the Bulgar crackers you'd probably want the
Nicotine.  Too bad there weren't any radios.  Not even
C.D. receivers.
73  Gary

On Sat, 29 Nov 1997 21:43:10 -0800 (PST)  Dick Dillman wrote:
 there were also supplies of crackers ( i mean
>>eatables, lest there be any confusion ) and painkiller
>>drugs, these were broken into and stolen by drug
>I don't know about the radios or the drugs, Hue, but I do know about the
>crackers.  An ex-girlfriend of mine with unusual tastes (Natch!  She hung
>out with me, after all.) gave me an enormous tin of those things a long
>ago.  We kept in touch and a few years ago I ceremonially open the tin in
>her presence and consumed some of the contents.  Not bad!  Tasty in fact.
>Would have gone perfectly with a big ol' block of surplus cheese!

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