Lafayette HA-460,HA-410 Audio Problems:

Joseph Cro Yardleyite at AOL.COM
Fri Oct 3 23:32:20 EDT 1997

        Name here is Joe (N3IBX) and I have a peculiar problem with my
Lafayette HA-460 and HA-410 (six and 10 meter AM respectively). It seems that
when I first turn each radio on the audio output is strong. After about 15
minutes or so of operation the audio output falls off. I can still copy
stations, and sensitivity doesn't seem to be affected, but audio output is
I first checked the obvious.... the audio output tube. They test VG on each
rig. Another thing I've noticed is that the audio output tube plates glow
orange when they are in this condition. I thought a resistor or cap may have
failed, but I have the same condition with both the HA-460, and the HA-410.
Could it be a component failure coincidence? or was this a characteristic of
this series radio?
Any insight will be most appreciated.
    Joe Cro N3IBX

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