FS: Clean-out time!

Fri Oct 3 23:54:27 EDT 1997

Well, the time has come.  Still too much stuff and too little time,
and it look as though that is not going to change any time soon.
These critters need to be "out there" and being used, not just sit-
ting on shelves/desks/floor here, and put in use only for "CX."

     All prices do NOT include shipping - and of course I would
prefer you pick up, or I'll carry out to about 100 miles from here
("here" = Richmond, Kentucky, about 100 miles south of Cincinnati;
100 miles east of Louisville, 160 miles north of Knoxville, exit
87 on I-75).  Twist my arm, pay the charges and I'll ship the things
of course...


Hallicrafters SX-111 receiver and matching speaker.  Rcvr cabinet has
some scrapes and scratches; speaker cabinet has been repainted but
a good match on the Hallicrafters gray.  Basically a cheaper version
of the SX-101, but the basic circuitry very similar.  Works very well
and I did use it in recent "CX."  $125.

Hallicrafters "Twins" - the S-line look-alikes - SX-117 receiver
and HT-44 xmtr, plus matching speaker/power supply.  XMTR has the
"original" xtals (80,40,20,15 meters, and one of four parts of 10
meters: 28.5 - 29.0 mHz).  RCVR has six extra xtals added, giving
full 10 meter coverage, plus WARC bands.  The do transceive, so all
hf covered in that way.  Looks are quite decent, with a few scratches
and scrapes on cabinets, but not many.  Used on CX. Entire set: $275.

     I have a few more, but will start with these.  They need to go
to a good home where they will be operated, not just sitting!

     73,  Al  N5AIT
   modsteph at acs.eku.edu

     Allan Stephens
     Richmond, Kentucky

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