Info Req - GR 916-A - B&W Model 400

al parker al_parker at KACC.COM
Mon Oct 13 10:20:27 EDT 1997

        I used to have a GR 916, -C, I think.  I have a copy of the
     manual if you don't.  As I remember, it was spec'ed to have good
     accuracy up to about 20 mhz.  I used mine a bit, they're real
     useful for determining impedances on RF, but a bit awkward to use,
     as you need an RF source, plus an RF detector.  Before I got mine,
     I had borrowed a later model from N4UH, and did some antenna design
     and analysis empirically.
        Nowadays, I take the easy way out (non-boatanchor, but
     infinitely easier & quicker) with an Autek Reasearch RF-1 RF
     Analyzer.  I hope that's not too sacreligious.
        If you need a copy of the manual, let me know.

     73, Al, W8UT  al_parker at kacc
     Dublin, CA

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Subject: Information Request - GR 916-A - B&W Model 400
Author:  W2OKF

I, like Robert Fowle, picked up a couple pieces of vintage test gear in
excellent condition.  I would like to know what uses they could be put to
if anyone cares to answer?

The first is a General Radio RF Bridge - Type 916-A. beautiful
condition with only a few scuffs on the simulated leather
small tear on the underside between the rubber feet.  Chrome latches and
logos in mint condition.  Appears to have a full complement of cables and

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