Help ID this Collins-made BA goodie!

Christian R. Fandt cfandt at SERVTECH.COM
Tue Oct 14 11:48:09 EDT 1997

Greetings gang,

I have a piece of R390-related gear that is a curiosity to me (maybe others
here too). Can any of you folks ID this unit by the points I've given below?
These are from memory. Unit tucked safely away in a 19" rack at home. To wit:

Same physical size as an R390/390A; made by Collins; no front panel tag;
seems to be both transmitter exciter and receiver converter for FSK, PWM,
CW, AM phone; missing its PTO (darn it!); has 455 kc IF input; terminal
strip on back for connecting to transmitter tuning device or something like
that (about 20 wires or so); 50 ohm BNC RF output connector; and a reference
on inside label to an 'O-152/URA-13'. Other lesser points cannot be exactly
recalled so far.

There never was a front panel tag installed. The tag would have been about
1.5" x 2.5" in size. Absolutely no evidence of paint being disturbed within
or around the four holes which the tag attaches. Inside label is silk
screened on the mains power selection switch which selects 110V - 220V. I
recall it stating something like 'Make sure R390 line voltage is set same as
O-152/URA-13'. This led me to think this unit is an O-152/URA-13 and is
associated with a system using an R390. Just lacks a PTO, top/bottom covers
and any complete idea as to what the heck it really is.

I even went so far as to tracing the circuit diagram (about 85% of it) down
onto a dozen or so sheets of paper to help get an idea as to what its
function was.

I cannot find any reference to O-152 nor even the URA-13 in any of my meager
resources. Could this have been a unit from a project at Collins in which
the government contract was cancelled and Collins subsequently sold
partly-completed or complete equipment as surplus?

Get your Sherlock Holms hats on gang! I can check the unit closer if anybody
has further questions! I've had this unit for about 22 years and still
haven't been successful in completely solving this issue.

Thanks very much!  --Chris
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