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        Some sort of physics principal at work here:  bought enough at Memfest I
have to push some out the back door.  To wit:

        Shipping extra:

1.  tubes -- 3,000 receiving pullouts, including such numbers as NL-5684,
6528, CX-345, 6011, WE 421A & 422A, 2AP1 with burn trace, several NOS
Ediswan Mazda #'s.  most common #'s are worth too little to bother hunting
for -- I don't have them cataloged
2.  Royal manual typewriter w/ 17" carraige -- mostly works, needs TLC   $10
3.  NARDA Microline RF heads -- 0.2 - 0.5 GHz Model 18500-5;   8.9 - 9.5
GHz Model 18500-121   VG condx, $10 each
4.  VRC control boxes C-2298 & C-2742  $12.50 each;  $20 the pair
5.  RME DB-22 preselector.  repainted, untested.  covers 80-10, half-moon
dial, abt 6" square, couple of tubes, self-powered.  one of the later
versions.  $15
6.  TDA-2 telegraph analyzer.  basically a 3" monitor scope, '40's-style.
unaltered, unchecked.  $10
7.  BC-646-A control box shell.  front OK, mostly gutted.  $5
8.  Sperry audio amp. module.  shock-mounted, abt 6x6x7 with tested-good
octals.  black crinkle.  $5
9.  F-15/U RF output lo-pass filter.  abt 6x6x8 black crinkle aluminum box
with SO-239's on each end, and mounting flange.  apparently aircraft.
altered so passband is slightly below original 60mc top  $12.50
10.  SECO TV horiz. output tube in-line ammeter.  untested, looks good.  $15
11.  Heath IM-13 VTVM. unchecked, 2 knobs wrong, with probe  $10.
12.  automotive test sets from 1953 -- T&H coil/condenser checker;   VOM.
brownish pebble-grain fabric covers, attached leads, dusty but seem OK.
need minor repair (one has loose meter)   $10 each, $15 the pair
13.  B&K model 440 CRT tester/rejuvenator.  w/manual, untested, looks
barely used.  $25
14.  Ford?  AM car radio with 12v-plate-type tubes.  unkempt and untested.
15.  Millivac Instruments Ohmmeter model MV-279-A.  untested except for
power supply, looks VG.  $10
16.  Beckman/Shasta RMS AC Voltmeter model 101.  untested 'cept for p/s  VG
17.  RCA WR-64B color bar-dot generator.  known working but has some weak
tubes.  would look good in your shack--blue steel case with color-laden
front! $20
18.  ME-9A/U miltimeter.  well used til I had to go mobile.  looks just OK.
no cover nor original leads  $10
19.  TS-251U/P  abt 1 cubic foot steel case that opens to dials and knobs.
uses octals, wide-range input power supply.  telephone line test set?  VG
20.  asst. small power and fil. xfrmrs.  query
21.  multi-IC RTTY controller.  one of several built locally some years
ago.  may well work - untested.  $5
22.  Everette E-2 and Trimm-K headsets.  $5 each
23.  asst. military headsets and handsets -- H-81A/U, H-189, M-80, etc.
most $10
24.  Heath G-5 150kc to 102Mc 5-band RF gen.  new cord, waterspotting on
top, 1 wrong knob, name and phone # etched on front, otherwise orig., with
orig. octals.
will need recapping - said to have bad pwr xfrmr.  untested  $5
25.  National NC-60 "Special"   tubed like 7-pin all-american 5.  works
within design limits.  minor p/s hum.  AC/DC chassis "hot".  covers .54 to
31 Mc in 4 bands, has standby sw, truly lousy "CWO" BFO action.  receives
SW and WWV well & looks good, tho.  $50
26.  "Audition" 10-transistor shirt-pocket radio, made in Okinawa.  runs
off usual 9v batt., spkr "scratches" when volume turned but no stations.
gilt on front fading at top, minor dings and scratches.  $5
27. both NOS and obviously-used 813 tubes, seven available.   $25 and down.
 subject to your test
28.  NOS LS-166 military-surplus outboard speaker.  rotary selector sw on
side, sharp markings, orig. twist-on connector  $15
29.  VC-12 vacuum capacitor.  someone thought it was an 813 and put it in
the box?!  looks new.  $5

Buy or trade for:

1.  manual/schematic for ERC brand model SL-55 audio filter
2.  manual/repair info for Weston 798 tube checker
3.  manual for Conar 311 RC checker
4.  manual for Conar 230 sig. gen.
5.  Conar "blue box" VTVM (should it exist)
6.  manuals/schematics for 2-3 Mc marine sets
7.  power plug for PP-846 (inside R-394 and C-845 -- will by whole unit)
8.  cord CX-11041 (may be -42) for gen. input on GRC-109 p/s PP-2684 or
9.  the 6vdc-driven PP-448 for AM-64/RT-70.  will be abt 3x3x5 steel box
with connector on one end
10.  "homebrew" design for 1- or 2-transistor 6-meter RF power amp.:  1/2
watt in for 10+ watts out
11.  any 2-meter conversion info for T-416: FM 150Mc Tx.   is 2-channel
xtal, 40-wattt job using 829B.  another version uses three 2E26's (T-278)
12.  copy of, or original Surplus Conversion Handbook #3.   have #'s 1 and
2 for copying at  $10 each.

Which gets to the manuals:

I offer copies of these just in case you can't get them anywhere else.
It's actually cheaper to buy them from the regular sources, as I don't have
lo-price access to a copier, and I can't bind them.  Check with:  Pete
Markavage 1-908-238-8964 in Sayreville, NJ.,   Gary Gompf at:
w7fg at      or: query line 1-918-333-3754;    order line
1-800-807-6146 (neat number, huh?)   also:  Mike Horvat    mmhorvat at
     David Crowell  KA1EDP in N. Scituate RI
        For military manuals and many large gov'ment-type test instruments,
contact Fair Radio  1-419-227-6573     they have a web-site as well --
search on Fair Radio using Webcrawler or suchlike.

        (stuff in parenthesis is o=original, c=copy, cc= condensed copy, etc.,
followed by approximate number of pages involved.  cost is usually 15 cents
per page, less for larger quantities, plus postage, but no less than $1ppd.
 A one-page job is just a schematic and little else.)  Note:  I don't
usually sell originals -- only copies.  I AM responsible for typographical
errors -- sorry.

Airadio SU 41 D, Super 41, SU 52 (A,B,C), TRA 1(A,B,C)
Allied Radio Circuit Handbook -- asst. schematics and info on: C-11 and
C-27 CB's; T-60; R-100; #400 tube tester; various amps and BC radios;
DX'er; Ranger 3; Span-Master; Space-Spanner, etc.  (c-1 each)
Allied SX-190  (c-20)
Astron RS-7A p/s  (c-1)

BC-728  TM 11-859  (cc-30)
BC-1306/SCR-694C  3.8-6.5Mc 10/25w AM/CW bakpak xcvr  (cc-60)
Beitmann's Vol. 1 & 4  old radio schematics (c,o-235)
Bimini 550   2-3 Mc marine 50 watt AM xcvr  (o-30)

Caringella & Clark   Surplus Handbook:  over 50 pix and schematics of
mil-surp  (c-100)
Collins 75A1  (SAMS)
CONAR 400 Tx and 500 Rx  (c-15)
Cushcraft Ringo antennas  AR-2, 25, 6, 220, 450, X2K, etc.  (o-10)
Drake 1525EM mike  (c-3)
Drake TR-22C  (o-15)
Drake TR-33C  (cc-15)

EICO 324 sig.gen.  (cc-10)
EICO 710  (cc-2)

GE mini-lamp catalog Form 5000  May '78  (o-20)
Globe Hi-Bander VHF-62  (c-10)
Gonset 10-11 converter  (SAMS)
GRC-109  (cc-50)

Hallicrafters HT-40  (c-10)
Halli S-38, 40(A), 41G&W, 47, 51, 52, 53, SX-42, SX-43, 2(A)4  (SAMS)
Halli S-94  (c-5)
Halli SX-111  (cc-10)
Hammarlund  HQ-129X;  SP-400X  (SAMS)
Harvey-Wells AR 3B 6 &12; ATR 3-6 & 12  (SAMS)

Heath AA-151 audio amp.  (o-15)
Heath AR-2 rcvr  (c-1)
Heath C-3 cap. checker  (oc-6)
Heath CO-1015 ign. analyzer  (o-50)
Heath DX-100  (cc-10)
Heath O-12 oscilloscope (cc-2)
Heath GD-1B  (c-10)
Heath HBR-5  (SAMS)
Heath HG-10 VFO  (c-30)
Heath HO-10  monitor scope  (cc-10)
Heath HP-13  (cc-10)
Heath HW-12  (cc-2)
Heath HW-29  "Sixer"  (cc-35)
Heath HW-30  "Twoer"  (o-45)
Heath IG-102 RF sig. gen.  (o-20)
Heath IO-17 3" scope  (c-50)
Heath IT-11 cap checker  (cc-20)
Heath MW-18 VTVM  (c-1)
Heath TX-1  (cc-2)
Heath SG-8  (cc-5)
Heath V-7A VTVM  (cc-1)

Hickok 5055/56(E)  power supplies  (cc-20)
Hustler 4-BTV antenna  (o-3)
Jefferson-Travis  MR 2 B  (SAMS)
Johnson Messenger 2  (cc-20)
Johnson Messenger 106  (cc-6)
Johnson T-R sw  250-39  (c-1)
Johnson Viking Adventurer  (cc-10)

Knight-Kit  T-150  (cc-25)
Learadio RM 402 C;  Learavian  (SAMS)

MAB  200mw AM xtal xcvr - pre-WW2  (o-30)
MAR 10-watt 225-390 Mc FM xcvr  (o-300)
ME-9A/U  (cc-10)
ME-165G  (c-5)
MEP-003A 10kw diesel gen. set  (o-30)
MN  30-42 Mc FM  2 watt xcvr for Navy  (o-10)
Motorola Airboy & AR 96-23  (SAMS)

National 2-40DR,T; 33, 46, 57, 108, 173R,T; 183  (SAMS)
National  HRO-7, 50, 60  (SAMS)

OS-8C scope  (cc-30)
PE-104A (used with BC-654/SCR-284 rcvr)  (c-1)
PolyComm 6  (c-10)
Porta-Marine IV  5w 2-3Mc AM xcvr  (0-10)
PRC-47   TM 11-5820-509-35  (cc-40)
Precision 200C sig.gen. w/ FM mod  (c-1)

R-441/SRR-13  mod. notes only  (c-10)
Ranger 118  (SAMS)
RDR   rcvr accessory for MAR  (o-75)
Regency HR-2B  service and ops manuals  (o-15)
Ritron business-band HT  (c-3)
RME 45, 84, DB 22A, HF 10-20, VHF-152A  (SAMS)

SB-102  (cc-10)
SBE  SB2-VOX  (o-5)
SIG-3   (C-300)
SWAN 260  (o-30)

TEMPO ONE  (cc-20)
TM 11-310  (cc-300)
TM 11-487A  (cc-200)
TRC-77/RT-654A  3-8 Mc CW field xcvr  TM 11-5820-473-35  (c-50)

call 205-764-0675 CST B4 9AM or after 6 PM, or e-mail:    eaj at

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