USECA, Warren, MIch. Hamfest Report........

Robert S. Ross radiorob at SERIX.COM
Sun Oct 26 16:16:17 EST 1997

Hello Folks:

   Today, (Sunday) I attended the Annual Warren, Mich. Hamfest with my
friend Tony..VA3CQ. It is about a 2 hour drive from here in London, Ont.
Since I had to meet someone there who was bringing me a radio...A Clegg
22'er, we left early in the morning. It was nice to get an extra hour's
sleep ...thanks to the start of EST!!
The location was different this year...The Italian American Cultural
Centre. The flea Market was very small....and Very crowded. Not much
dancin' Room available!!
Did manage to pick up a few nice items however. Included in my haul was the

Shure T-17B WWII Military Brown Bakelite Handmic with Original Box. Order #
10172-Phila-44-22. Presumably from 1944.
In Excellent Condition for $10.00

Vibroplex J-36 Bug....Made by The Lionel Corp. New York. Serial # 21696. In
VG shape....but Missing the Round Paddle and Half of the Name tag. Black
Krinkle Finish. This will clean up real nice.
Got this for $20.00!!
If anyone knows where I can get a new Plastic Nametag, or Round Paddle for
this Model...or has a spare from a parts set...I'd be most happy to hear
from you!

Vibroplex Original...Parts set..this has been disassembled...and is missing
a few parts...but I'm not sure how many parts are missing 'til I get it put
back together! Doesn't look too bad though...should be able to buy a few
parts and bring this back to life.
Otherwise VG Condition.....Grey Krinkle Finish Serial # 252179.
Paid $20.00 for this one too.........

Clegg 22'er 2 Meter AM Tube Transceiver. Picked this up from Michigan Ham
Gary Cheek....I bought another 22'er from him at the Port Huron, Mich
Hamfest earlier this year. He called to let me know he had another one for
me earlier this I grabbed it as well. In real nice shape.
Now that I have 2 of these ...I hope to lend one to VA3LX...a friend of
mine...and get them on the air. I have NO Crystals for these rigs however.
I would like to purchase some Crystals for these...If anyone has any...(I
believe they take 8 Mhz. Large sized Crystals)....Please let me know...I
would like to purchase an assortment for both rigs.

Also picked up a nice book called....."Keys II: The Emporium..The Worlds
Most Admired Keys..New and Old" by Dave Ingram K4TWJ. A great book, chock
full of Photos and History of the world's neatest Keys! I had not seen this
book before.....A nice find for $5.00!!

We also found a Computerfest nearby ...where I picked up some new Amplified
Speakers for the Ol' Computer!

Considering the size of the Flea Market...I'm quite happy with the haul I
pulled out of it.......At the beginning of the summer...I didn't even own a I have 6 of, this is getting habit forming!! 4
Vibroplexes, a Speedx/Johnson, and a Mac Key, ...this looks like the start
of another collection.

If anyone can help out with the Bug Parts or Crystals for the Clegg
22'ers...please let me know.


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