National HRO-60, et al

Lawrence R. Ware lrware at PIPELINE.COM
Mon Sep 1 12:11:19 EDT 1997

I returned from the Shelby hamfest with an almost mint HRO-60R.
(Actully, I overloaded a P/U with stuff, but we will get to the rest in
another message or three... :-)
The HRO spent its life as a station monitor for a BCB radio station.
Has X-tal cal module and heavy duty transformer, and is as clean a BA as
I've ever seen.

Today I join the many in the endless(?) search for coil sets.
Looking for all of these:

A, F, G, H, J, AD

Have an AC I will trade for the H set.

Would be happy to trade nice working & recently cal'd HP 200CD's or
HP 400D's for coil sets. (I brought three of each back with me. They will
be cleaned up, checked out and calibrated very shortly. :-)
I also hauled home three Tek 7000's and plug-ins, but that is a story for

Or I could just send money in small unmarked bills... :-)

# Larry's Home for Wayward Test Equipment & Old Radios (tm)
# Let your equipment retire in sunny central Florida.
# Intensive Care, Private Bench Space, Frequent Use,
# Factory trained HP, Tek & Fluke Surgeon on staff.
# Good Home Guaranteed or double your junk back!
# lrware at     - Orlando, FL -

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