TS-520 Info Needed

Tue Sep 2 11:47:14 EDT 1997

Adam.....FETs arent designed to run HOT!  It's a small signal device and

dosent like heat at all.  So.....you might start out be replacing the
and then see where to go from there.  I think that might be a cure for
sense problem.  There are several replacement Fets that'll do the job
fine, so just cross reference it and get one from NTE or one of the

I sold all my 520 manuals, so I cant make an intelligent guess on the
voltage measurment for you...sorry.

Good Luck


Doug, K7YD

Adam McLaughlin wrote:

> Hello BA Fans,
> Can anybody please give me the voltage measurement from TBL on the RF
> board
> to ground in the Kenwood TS-520?
> Somebody put a pot in series with this line, and I need to know where
> it is
> suposed to go.
> Also, the receiver has a sensitivity problem. The front end FET runs
> hot to
> the touch. The gate voltages on this device are accurate according to
> the
> manual, but the Source and Drain voltages are high. What could cause
> this?
> Thanks,
> Adam
> Adam McLaughlin KD6POC
> QRG: 7037 Kcs & 7014 Kcs (DX Only)
> kd6poc at jps.net
> www.jps.net/jmclaugh

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