Rod Fitz-Randolph w5hvv at AENEAS.NET
Fri Sep 5 14:55:39 EDT 1997

>>Harvey-Wells?  Are they still in business somewhere?  Anyone know what
>>their first and last amateur products were?
>According to the 3rd Edition of Moore's " Communications Receivers", the
>last receiver Harvey-Wells made was the 1958 model R-9A 80-10 Meter ham
>band receiver.
>This would be later than the famous Bandmaster transmitter, wouldn't it?
>Rick kf4ar
I am sure it was, Rick.  If anyone has a collector's grade TBS-50D for sale,
I'd like to know what the price is.

Thank you,

Rod, N5HV
w5hvv at aeneas.net

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