Heathkit Help

Eric Woodman EWoodman at AOL.COM
Fri Sep 5 17:53:24 EDT 1997

Hi all,
I've just acquired an SBA-300-3 6 meter receive converter. I don't know much
about Heathkits but am I right in assuming that maybe there is a SB-300
receiver? If there is then I'm guessing this is wired to go with it. It has
both male and female octal connectors, one on each end of the enclosure. If
anyone can tell me the pinouts on the receiver's accessory connector I would
greatly appreciate it. It appears to have connections for B+, filament, gnd,
and maybe grid bias but I'd like to know for sure as well as the correct

Tnx and 73,
Eric     KA1YRV

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