What a terrible thing...

Dave gekko95 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Sep 9 00:57:06 EDT 1997

Hello all,

I have the sad news to relate, my storage unit went up in
flames on Saturday night, and ALL is gone.  20 years of collecting
RF and electronic parts, tools, etc. etc. gone in smoke, all due
to a lousy illegal weapons stash that went kablooey.  Now it's all
gone.  My kids toys, family photo albums, 3 home built robots (with
moving arms, hands and mobililty platforms), furniture, etc.  ALL
gone.  And just 3 weeks until we closed on the 'dream house' with
the 800 square foot room for just my stuff!

Sorry to unload on the group, but I'm major bummed here.  I've spent
so many years accumulating this stuff for the ultimate glowbug/
boatanchor/homebrew shack and now it's all a pile of black goo, just
three lousy weeks before closing.  And those damned realtors that
said 'get this clutter and electronic crap out of the house' that resulted
in the renting of the storage units last year in the first place.

Dammit, I'm mad.  The settlement may make some ammends, but SOOOO much
was lost.  I'm sick to my stomach, and brandy just isn't helping.  Thank
God that my ham gear was mostly at home.  But forget the massive darkroom,
robot lab, photo gear, and BA spare parts (CK-series tubes, tubes from the
1930's, old radios, RF parts, robot parts, antique cameras, etc. etc.)

A very somber night.  I'm going to bed now.  I hope I didn't go against
the charter.  I figgered you guys are friends, and I'm feeling pretty down
right now over this and I wanted some friends to know.

73's and thank God for what you have.

Tacoma, WA

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