Need a Heathkit ad....

Dave gekko95 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Sep 11 00:32:47 EDT 1997

Hello all,

Thanks again to all for the utter OUTPOURING of help and concern
regarding that awful fire in my electronics storage unit.  I've
begun to itemize stuff, and doing fairly well.  My adjuster is
being more than fair, and he's actually very encouraging and
tells me to make sure my values are sufficient.  So a plug for
his company, State Farm.  Very nice folks in this situation.

But I need an ad showing a Heathkit Hero - the $2000-ish version
from the mid-80's.  My agent says my homebrew robots should be
worth that, and such an ad would be convincing proof.  since
Heathkit was really the only publicly marketed robot, that would
indeed be a good reference for my 80486-based versions (VASTLY
superior to the Hero, I might add :)

Does anyone have a Heathkit catalog showing a $2k robot they could
either scan or copy and send to me?  I will gladly pay copy and
mail costs.  A scan would be more than suitable, if a scanner
is available.

Also, I need such an ad for the Heathkit uMatic SA-5010 keyer
which was also lost in the fire.

I am sure there will be more such ad's that I will need, but
this would be a good start.

Thanks to all, and God bless.

Tacoma, WA

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