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Lawrence R. Ware lrware at PIPELINE.COM
Wed Sep 17 04:40:00 EDT 1997

At 05:00 09/17/1997 -0700, janax at li.icl.se wrote:

>I saw an ad for a "National 100 XA" shortvawe receiver of 1939
>vintage. I've never heard of it before. It could be an OEM
>version for the Swedish military but I'm not sure.
>All I know is that it's not a HRO and comes with an original
>elecrtrodynamic speaker.
>Do any of your folks out there have any idea what it is?

Good Morning Jan and folks...
This sounds like the early National NC-100XA.... <grin>
(My research project on these things is still perking along.
Correspondence from the ad's I placed in ER and ARC has been
keeping me quite busy!)

The radio has a large 180 degree tuning dial and coil catacomb tuning.
The "X" indicates it has a crystal filter installed.
Early Octal tubes, built in power supply, etc.

I'm still counting up the variations of these, at least 10, perhaps
more if you count all the non "A" types also.

A number of these were supplied to the US Navy around WWII as the
"RAO" series. These all have an extra RF tuning deck built onto the back.
The *A* model with lots of variations ended up in
a lot of Navy installations during the war years. These were often
built by another contractor, (Wells Gardner, etc.) using National

I have been informed that a number of NC-100's were supplied
(with modifications) to the Railroads. I have not seen any of these yet, but continue to try and buy at least one example.
I'm also looking for anyone who can shed more light on this aspect of
the NC-100's history. What did the railroads do with them? What
modifications were made? What time frames were these in service?

For more information on Nationals, some pretty neat web pages
with lots of information.
(Now if I can just find the %&$#!!!*%$ bookmarks for you...)
Try:  http://www.mindspring.com/%7Ejohnmb/bawebpg.htm
and http://www.io.com/~nielw/index.htm

OK, I've rambled enough for one message, so I'll end with my now
standard plea:

I would like to correspond with anyone who can help provide information
on the history of the national NC-100 series and its many variants.

-Larry Ware
(Crazy National NC-100 collector, have six, want *MORE!* :-)

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