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Jim Lowman jmlowman at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Sep 25 22:58:39 EDT 1997

At 06:55 AM 9/23/97 -0400, you wrote:

>In behalf of the many guys who use the TEMPE (free) Boatanchors
>Reflector,  we feel that it is a viable alternative to Jack's list.
>It has run efficiently and effectively, and the overwhelming response
>to the end of summer message by Dave is that it IS going to continue
>and most likely grow a lot this winter as interest in BA repair,
>collecting and operating picks back up.

YES!  I was hoping to hear that Dave is going to continue this list.
He is doing a great service for the amateur community.

I paid for one year on the "original" list, when it was the only list
in town, and when there was uncertainty about the formation of the newsgroup.  No more.  I had heard a
rumor that the subscription price was going to $20, and that made my
decision for me.

I believe the point was made that the TEMPE list was duplicating the
"original" list, and that's a good thing.  Now I know I won't be
missing much, if anything, when my subscription runs out.

>The issue is apparently more than just money for some of the guys.

I've said before that I pay for what I use, which includes a local
club, two repeater groups, and several QRP clubs, as well as QCWA
and FISTS.  The issue never was money for me.  Rather, it was the
feeling that charging to be on a mailing list was not only a bad
precedent, but also was just not in the spirit of amateur radio.

>Others said that they left there due to what they perceived as a
>heavy-handed style on Jack's part. For me I will continue to use the
>TEMPE BA list server, and occasionally read the archives of the
>W4PPT list and enjoy the comments of my fellow BA-ers there.

I'll second that.  Why some people would pay for the abuse amazes me
even more.  The best listowner is one who seldom posts to the list,
and only when absolutely necessary.

73 de Jim - AD6CW

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