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Don Buska d.buska at AAIATE.COM
Fri Sep 26 08:29:11 EDT 1997

I too thank Dave for the fine BA-Tempe List, but can't agree with all the
negativism placed on Jacks BA List.  Here's how I see it:

Positives of Free BA List

1.  It's Free!

2.  It provides a great forum for us BA users.

Negatives of Free BA list

1.  Must keep hand on delete mail key to by-pass all the non-BA related messages
(like this one, hi).  I know that many don't find this a big deal, but I
subscribe to this list, BA Swaplist, Collins, Drake, Glowbugs, Homebrew, Swan,
Microwave and VSS.  That's alot of deleting every day when I go thru the mail.

Positives of Jacks BA List

1.  The rules are inforced!  If it ain't BA related you run the risk of getting
a no-no message from Jack.  However, I don't have to sit on the delete message
key for a week getting rid of a tread of non-BA related controversial messages.
This rule enforcement by Jack does rub many the wrong way, most have migrated
here, but this is to be expected.  We're all adults and some feel that they are
being treated like children when they are told what and what-not they can do.
I'm sure Jack is aware that this type of flack will occur, such is life.

2.  Better response.  I will often post messages concurrently to both lists and
so far I receive most responses from Jack's list members.  Maybe this will
change someday, and Dave's proposed shutdown may just be the fire that ignites
those on the free list to respond to queries submitted to the list.

3.  The BA list offers Digests.  This is a nice way to get the messages of the
day in one email message.  I don't believe Dave has implimented this yet, if he
has my appologies.

Negatives of Jacks BA list

1.  You have to pay-to-play!

I must say that the excessive nonrelated and off subject posts to all the free
ham lists I subscribe to are rather minimal when compared to lists in other
hobby areas.  This is a real plus when it comes to the self regulating performed
by the hams (and others) who use these lists.  I still like and use Jacks list
and will continue to as long as I feel it's worth the money he asks.  It still
provide a valuable 20 to 30 BA related message per day.  Until Daves mentioned
he might close this list how many messages were posted here?  As that old 220MHz
saying stated "Loss it or loss it".  Well you know what happened to 220 don't

So folks let's give the "keep it going messages" a rest now and give Dave what
he really needs; some BA talk!


Don N9OO

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