AC5AM Saturated with Nostalgia

Robert L Stolzle ac5am at JUNO.COM
Mon Sep 29 15:13:52 EDT 1997

Hello All,

I hope everyone enjoyed the Classic Radio Exchange event yesterday. What
sounds were pouring out of my speaker from all those good ole rigs. W5TVW
that "one of a kind" sounding Hartley transmitter. Sure did remind me of
my early
radio days when one could tell who another op was by the sound of his
keying. Too bad today all the solid state rigs seem to be a clone of each
Can't tell who the guy is til he gives his call. (No, I don't go back as
far as the Hartley
but I remember that sound.) Aaaahh, those DX-100's, Harvey Wells,
ART-13's, AF-67's,
Collins S Line's and KWS-1... many others.

Yes, and heard many Viking Rangers. Gosh I wanted one of those back in
the 50's.
Sure had the sweetest sounding CW signal of all... and still does as I
heard last night.
Also heard some Navigators, Viking 500, and others that I drooled over
way back when..

Some great sounding homebrew rigs were on. Hey, you guys know something
good radios. The one big HB rig I built sounded terrible on CW not to
mention the
clattering of relays in the operating room hi hi.. did work good on AM
though..had a
single 813 modulated by a pair of 811A's.. Wish I had it back today..

The "contest" was one of the best I have been in. Did not hear anyone
worrying about
holding a calling freq. Heard many call on "others" calling freq and they
just stood by
or move to another freq. What a bunch of classy guys we have here. Some
were rock
bound like I was with the HT-40 and we were able to make a few contacts
others were giving us a opening and letting us in from time to time. It
was so good
I found myself just listening and soaking in all those great sound from
the past.

Yes, had a big dose of nostalgia yesterday. Nice going fellows.

73,  Bob  AC5AM   (ex. K5QYY, vintage 1958..first rig DX-20 & borrowed

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