P&H Linear w/ 837 Tubes

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   (The 837 was offered as an option to "modified
>1625s" which required that the internal suppressor to control grid
>connection be broken by drilling a hole in the tube bases.)

The supressor in SOME (not all) 1625's was connected to the cathode in the
tube base.  You had to saw or drill into the base and RECONNECT the
supressor wire to another pin, not simply clip it.

I have a home brewed amp of this sort, made from the QST article by a ham
who lived not too far from me when I was a kid.  Home-built HV transformer,
Masonite front panel, Command transmitter output components, 866's, NO case
or operator protection whatever.. UGH!!  One of these days, maybe I'll get
it back from Mom's house and fire it up!

Keep em Glowing!
Roy, K1LKY since 1959

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