Tube Tester Advice

Tom Rees trees at U.ARIZONA.EDU
Mon Apr 20 20:09:00 EDT 1998

After lurking for some time on this list, I need some advice that I haven't
seen pass by yet. Could I garner some opinions on the relative merits of
the various tube testers that you see sold/discussed etc here and
elsewhere. I'm getting up and running in the Ham game again after a number
of years (read decades) of relative inactivity and BAs are definitly my
baliwick. In the 'Old' days I could (and did) just run down and check tubes
in my choice of testers at my choice of stores. I'm sure it's rather
obvious to everybody here that that won't work now. Soooooo... I need my
own tester but what brand?? at what price?? For that matter, does anybody
on the list have a decent tester for sale??? My limping HW-101 needs help!!

Tnx Trees  -  KB7XL

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