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> On a different subject, does anyone have a list of CW-only tranceivers
>  or twins?  I assume that some were made in the 30's - 40's.  Is there
>  a book out that describes them all in some detail?

---here's what i can recall from my memory banks:

Western Radio ( of Kearny, NE )  BN-1 Novice Transceiver
1950s-early 1960s, uses *1* tube, 1watt on 80-40

also, same company had a slightly different appearing front
panel, later issue? of same set, called BA-80-40 ??

Mini-Mite, i recall seeing this ad in a 1950s CQ, this company
in Chicago had a set with a 2-tube regen, the output tube
(probably a 50C5) also worked as xtal osc for transmit
(never heard of or seen one or even seen an ad for a used one,
maybe the company only sold 1, 2 or none before giving it up)

Hallicrafters HT-??, the S-38 with the one tube xmtr in it

i recall now another ad from the 1930s, brain fade is affecting
me, company is something like Guthrie  ( help me, who is
this company, they made some really obscure receivers....)
which offered a rec-trans in same package....

73,  hue miller  KA7LXY

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