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Gary Pewitt gpewitt at EXECPC.COM
Sun Aug 9 00:17:59 EDT 1998

I've been looking over my RBL-2 and gathering what info I can find on it.  So far I've discovered it is not a catacomb coil
set as I had thought. It sure looks like the NC100 series.
The coil sets are switched and are in 6 large non magnetic stainless steel cans.  The cans unscrew to allow access
to the coils.  Big ones.
It's a true regen with 2 rf stages followed by a regenerative detector and two af stages. There is another tube for ANL and a rectifier for 7 tubes total.  This is by far the most sophisticated regen I have ever seen.  Are there others even better?
Some of the navy or merchant ship rigs?
Moore's book doesn't cover regens, too bad.
I'd sure like to have an equal quality or better rig that covered the shortwave bands at least up to 20 mc. or so.
I noticed that it was delivered in 1942 and was built for 115v
not 110v as you might have expected.
I wonder if Maj. Armstrong had not invented superhetrodyne
ckts. what might the regen radios have developed into?
Superregen just cut the feedback off and on to allow more
boost (so to speak) right?
Any information on other high quality regens would be very
welcome.  Thanks  Gary
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Date: 08/08/98
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