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Warren D. Anderson wdaorcda at USINTERNET.COM
Sat Aug 8 23:56:35 EDT 1998

I was out of town when the original subject matter appeared and I picked
up on Gary's post so I'll reply  to his post rather than a follow-up
which mis-attributed Gary's opinions.

Gary Pewitt wrote:
> Since we're adding new catagories how about:
> Best looking:  Tie between Sp-600JX21 and GPR90RX

Rack mounted equipment with a wart for crystals doesn't do much for me,
but I'll nominate the plain GPR-90 as the best looking.  I like the grey
front panel coupled with the dark, blue-grey cabinet and the amber/red
S-meter.  I also think the HRO-50/60 series have a lot of style points so
my HRO-50T1 and GPR-90 flank the PC on my desk.

> Worst looking: NC400

Yup.  If you're a guy and the 400 is a female, your mother hoped you
wouldn't come home with one :-).  I'll also throw in the Mosley CM-1 as
as the worst looking.  Huge holes in the cabinet that served no real
purpose and the tuning is hideous .. nice looking speaker, though.

> Lightest: Drake 1A

Also a candidate for the ugliest .. I thought I wanted one until I saw
one :-).

> Heaviest:  WRR2 or for one piece unit AR88

No nominations to match these :-).


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