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Bob Miller bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Sun Aug 9 16:31:48 EDT 1998


For crying out loud.  As a group we (editorial we) must not have enough to do
in our shallow little lives but complain, snival, and bitch.  Here we sit with
a really nifty system at our finger tips and now a simple confirmation message
has suddenly become a National Issue to argue about ad nauseum.  Is there no
end to this minutia?
    If there is no confirmation, then there is a barage of "Testing 123...Is
the Reflector up?" and then a pile of folks get on to say that, "I,m getting it
ok, must be a problem at your end!"
    And on and on and on.  Perhaps we should pay for the service and then take
a beating by the owner when a slip in dogmatic process is made.

    Now if you folks want to be of real help to us all, find out how
crackle/wrinkle paint works and why the stuff in the can is most generally
crap.  Now that is a problem everyone is standing on their tippy toes for
waiting on a solution.  And while we're at it where do you find the old water
slip 'em off decals?  I hate those dry transfers.  Now these are problems and
questions of substance for the Boatanchor group to ponder and pontificate on.


    Curions Bob, KE6F

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