FS: Valiant and NC183D

Bob Miller bmiller at CALWEB.COM
Mon Aug 10 20:44:55 EDT 1998

For Sale:

    Good vintage AM Station

1. each Valiant, excellent electrical condition, clean chassis, good
tubes, SS rectifiers, but will toss in 3B28s if that helps.  Only mod is
a below chassis TR relay, KRP style.  Can be removed and restored to
original if desired.  No audio mods or any other "Tweeks" have been mad
and the wiring is excellent. I've had this thing for years and I am
never going to get around to doing any of the Audio Mods in this life
time.  Front panel is nearly blem free, but there are a few light scuffs
around the outside edge into the maroon under paind.  Otherwise it
shines.  All knobs original and it works great on all bands.   $300
plus UPS fees if it will ship.

2. National NC183D receiver, looks good, works great.  No mods or ugly
maintenance performed.  All knobs original and in great shape.  Some pin
point rust spots coming through, but not that noticible.  Interior is
nice.  Actually does fairly well on SSB on lower bands.  Not a bad
receiver given the General Coverage design.. Big Sound on AM fone. $250
plus UPS fees.

Will sell the pair for $525 and will toss in a Shure mike with
connector, a heath vintage VSWR bridge and a J-37 Key.  I will ship if
buyer pays for double boxed versapack which I estimate to be about 40
dollars for both units.  Compute weight from my zip 95827.  I have not
weighed either unit, but figure 110 lbs on the Valient and 90 lbs on the
NC183D  (if you have docs that list the weight, adjust the UPS rates

    Tnx for the read es 73

    Bob, KE6F

    Sacramento, CA

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