Help, I am an electronics engineer and don't want to work on a f

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Mon Aug 10 23:09:45 EDT 1998

I got my BS degree in electronics engineering a few months ago.
I wanted to go to graduate shool but no place would except me, not
because I don't know electronics, I am great at electronics, but
because I got a learn disapility in reading, writeing and spelling.
That caused my gpa to be 2.9, my disabilitys efected every class
because every class requirs writeing. now I am not complaneing that I
got to write, writeing is very importent. But I am complaning that
graduate schools judge me by what I can't do, not by what I can do.
They what GRE's and 2/3 of the gre has to do with reading and writeing
and english, which I an really bad at.

So now I am at the point that I my as well give up trying to get into
a graduate school because the system is unfair and biased. And even if
i did get in, its to late to start a fall semester. But now I got
bills i got to start paying and I got to start paying back my collage

I need a job, but I live in a rurl part of PA and the people here
don't even know what an electronics engineer dose, let alown have any
emplyment for an electronics engineer. About the only jobs around here
are working on a farm, and I would even have a hard time geting a job
at on because they mostly hire people with little education, and there
are alot of those people around here. I even seen a job for milking
cows for 8$ an hour, but I much reather to electronic for alot less
pay, then play with cow tets all day long.

I do not want to move to the city, I can't stand the city, even if i
did get payed alot more. I want to live here, even if I can't get
payed for doing electronics, I am always doing it on my own time, most
of the stuff I know I tought myself. and not at school. And I am
always ordering books and teaching myself more.

I  am hopeing that maybe some one on the internet can help me.
Maybe there is places that I could do work for them over the
internet, or through mail. I don't know exactly what, anything from
design to testing to trouble shooting to assembaly of electronic
stuff. I got some equipment, like lower end, meters, osciloscopes,
frequency counters, genoraters. Nothing fancy at all though its all
ond stuff, some of it is even vacumtubes, but I get by, and I can do
alot with the equipment. I just can't afored a 20k$ network anilizer,
I would love to have one, maybe some day but I don't got near that
kind of cash, maybe some day I will be able to get one.

So if any one has any ideas on how I mite get a job at home over the
internet or mail, doing something in the field of electronics, even if
it dose not pay much, please let me know.

Thank you for takeing the time to read this,
Jim Martz,

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