BC-1306 manual and others online on my site...

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Wed Aug 12 16:50:50 EDT 1998

Go to the Mil List site, click on the link to the FD98, etc

Find the "PDF_Manual_Project" folder, and follow it to the
BC1306 folder. Right click on the file in the folder to download
the pdf file.

The file is in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, and you will need an
Acrobat Reader to read it. I have the reader available on my site
as well in the "Acroread" folder, several available depending on your

To log onto the FTP site manually, set your FTP client to
fernblatt.dynip.com, logon as "boatanchors" with a password
of "tubes", and take a look around.

Oh, got two of the little Setchell Carlson receivers myself. Used
them to dx NDB's.....



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for those who dont....

ANY and ALL Contributions Welcome.
 Tom Norris KA4RKT
 badger at telalink.net        Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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