Soundimp soundimp at POBOX.COM
Wed Aug 12 16:33:06 EDT 1998

Well   folks  have  made a  decision that  the  S Line gear  is going.  Am
keeping  my  Gold Dust Twins  and  One M2A  and  liquidating  all  my
other Collins gear.  All to be sold as  one sale  prefer not to ship but
will  if need be.  Most of this gear  can be  seen  on my Web Page at
http:/www.soundimp.com   Two of the  pieces  are  at  K7RMT's being
aligned as we speak.

The following is  the  list:

KWM2A      Round          CCA Exc
KWM2        Winged         CCA EXC
51S1           Round          CCA EXC  almost Pristine
75S3B         Round          CCA EXC    Transition radio  SSB Filter only
75S3           Winged         CCA VG
312B3          Round          CCA  EXC
312B3          Winged        Pristine
2 ea 516F2   Winged        CCA VG internal  Cases one  VG  one Good
2ea  PM2      Winged        CCA  VG
MM1             Winged         CCA EXC

This  is  all  my  private  gear  that  has  been  used  daily...Lotsa
tubes to be  included  that  are  not  in  my  A4  or  KWS1.

I do not  want to get into a bargaining deal...As  K1QCF so nicely put it
I  know what I  paid for it  I know what its worth and my bottom line price
is $5100.00 for all.  If you want to call and discuss  any  gear  please
feel free  to..  At  this  time  I will  not  break up  any of the gear.  I
 also  have a  Pristine  HRO500 that  I  will sell separately for $800  or
with the package for $650.00.

Thanks  and  73's   Bob K1JNN/5

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