Boatanchors for sale...

Dave nyet at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Aug 15 15:54:33 EDT 1998

Hello all,

I am forced to liquidate my entire boatanchor collection
of 23 years.  I must sell it as ONE LOT, and this is NOT
a distress sale.  Local pickup ONLY (Tacoma, WA).

Too much to list here - see photos at
or drop me an email if you are interested in a SERIOUS offer.
I know what I paid for the radios, and I am sorry, but I will not
entertain offers that are ridiculous or 'wholesale'.  The lot
will essentially be for sale until I can find a 'lot' buyer for local
pickup.  I'm sorry, but I will not be able to respond to ANY emails
for individual items, and I will not be able to maintain a list of
names.  I'm sorry - this is a divorce related sale, and I
just don't want to deal with single items just now.  If it doesn't
sell, it will all just go into storage.  I WILL be keeping some
items, and will email that list to serious buyers of the rest.

Also, the  domain name is for
sale as well (sorry, but I need money!) if anyone is interested.
Make me an offer - the transfer is easy (hosted by Icom, Inc.)
If it doesn't sell to a boatanchor collector, I'll hang onto it and
maybe someday put the page back up.

Thanks to all.  Drop me a note if you would like to make an
offer on the ENTIRE lot for local pickup.

I'm very sorry if this seems like a 'negative' post.  I don't mean
it sound that way, but I tried this a while ago and was flooded
with unbelievable offers ($500 for the lot was the worst), and
zillions of requests to be 'put on a list' for single items if the lot
doesn't sell.  I will NOT sell it that way - all goes at once or it just
goes into storage.

73's all,

Dave Ellison WB7AWK

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