Ranger Grid problems *LAST POST*

Kenneth D. Grimm grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Sat Aug 15 16:15:13 EDT 1998

Keith Heitzmann wrote:
> Hi All,
> Well this will be my last post on this Ranger. The next time I email
> anything out will be "For Sale".
> Do I sound frustrated......  you bet!!
> Ok, to recap, the radio is getting very little grid drive. Sandy, W5TVW,
> gave me a good hint and led me to the 18K resistor in the VFO as it
> "seemed" to work with a crystal in it. I replaced the resistor and it
> perked it up a bit, but not enough.  It's a little better with a crystal
> than using the VFO, but even with a crystal the grid goes to nothing from
> 40 up
> I just found another hint, it seems to have enough grid drive on 160 meters
> with the VFO switched in. On 80 it goes down considerably and from 40 up
> it's nothing. When the meter is switched in to the "osc" and "buffer" it
> seems to be OK, but no grid.
> All the tubes have been checked and rechecked, with some being replaced
> just for good measure.
> Signed "desperate"
> (Keith,  KK5FE)

If any of you RF wizards have not replied to Keith because you don't
have a schematic of the Ranger, I have just uploaded the Ranger manual
to BAMA.  Why not download the schematic and see if you can figure out
where Keith's grid drive is hiding?
Ken K4XL
grimm at lynchburg.net
Boatanchor Manual Archive - ftp://bama.sbc.edu

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