Sun Aug 16 17:56:42 EDT 1998

>Hello Anchorites

>1. As mentioned before, I have the most part of a Gates BC1F BC transm. Do
>any of you need Reactors (modulation, pwr supp chokes), fil transf for 833s,
>interstage (Peter Dahl) audio, lo voltage (800v-1000v) transf, etc? I have
>them + shipping. I will never use these. I also have a pwr tf (hi voltage)
>out of, I believe, a Collins KWS-1. This is an open coil tf.
>2. Any and all of the RF coils out of the BC Tx are avail. These are
>beautiful, big (easy do 3kw-5kw) some adjustable, some roller type, some
>fixed. This week I traded into few large "bread slicer" variable caps. Plus
>smaller (250W++ caps). I have antenna current meters w/remote pickups. You
>need tx roller inductor w/counter?
>3. 833 tube sockets (4 sets). Or make arrangements w/me to see for yourself
>(bring truck or van). I can supply new 833As (or most any other tx tube)
>brand new. Need 813? I have NOS. These are the drivers for for this Gates.
>The 845s are gone (went like a drop of water hitting a hot skilit!). But I
>still have the audio deck, complete, w/documentation. Also have the 813
>driver deck. Have NOS 872 rectifiers & NOS 814.
>4. Any interest in Heath HW-12 80m ssb tx's. Have 2 but no pwr supplys. Very
>decent shape.

>5. Oh, I almost forgot. I have from the '50s, a classic coil set. A B&W BTEL
>10-80. This was one my first coil sets that ran that 75W tx I built when I
>was a teen. It is all on one turret, red anodized (pretty) and in very good
>condition, considering age. Would make a nice display piece in a clear
>plastic box for your desk. (you will have to make the box)
>WTD: STILL LOOKING FOR B&W BVL COILS FOR 160M, 80M, & 20M. Dont need the
>link coil. I have that already.   Trade??
>I have more but these are the things that come to mind right now. More

>Warm regards to all

>Patty, KA4EKK & Dee, W4PNT

>Patty and Dee's Marina, collectors of Drake, Johnson, Collins, RCA,
>Hammarlund, homebrew and other heavy metal. ALL HOBBY....WE'RE RETIRED!

>(540)249-3161  Fax: (540) 249-5064
>Patty & Dee Almquist
>534 W. Main St. Waynesboro, Va. 22980

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