Low Output - A Different Solution

Bruce Sugarberg bsugarberg at FREEWWWEB.COM
Mon Aug 17 21:33:14 EDT 1998

Hello Everyone,

Recently I've seen several postings regarding low output problems,
so I decided to post this, in the hope that maybe it may be of help:

I just read an article in the Feb., 1993 issue of Electric Radio,
"On the Trail of the Valiant Low-Output Problem", by Rob
Brownstein, NS6V.  The author tells how tried everything he could
think of, without success.  Then, by accident, he discovered what
the problem really was - the meter!  It was reading high, showing
450 ma plate current, when the actual value was only 360 ma.  The
problem was that the meter shunt had increased in value.  When the
problem was corrected, the meter read properly, the rig loaded up
properly, and the low output problem was gone.


Bruce Sugarberg, WA8TNC
bsugarberg at freewwweb.com

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