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Tue Aug 25 05:58:27 EDT 1998


Has anyone here ever tinkered with some of the earlier DSB designs
from the 1950s that used a straight through 2 tube  final and screen
mod to produce a carrier nulling effect?

I was reading in an old CQ about a design that used something like a
pair of 807s with a low power modulator. It was set up so that you
could switch one half in and out on the mod xfmr secondary to go
between AM and DSB thus balancing or unbalancing the modulator to
produce the required signal.

It looked like a fun design that required no phasing or filtering and
would be an inexpensive way to make some serious talk power for
minimum component outlay.

Has anyone on the list ever built one of these things perchance?

Regards - Bry, AF4K

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