NC-125 case & Painting

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Thu Dec 3 15:28:03 EST 1998

I have 3 NC-125s.  Case sheet metal on all is straight and very god but
scraped and worn.  I think I'll have 2 well-working ones when I'm done
and possibly I will try to restore the third parts receiver which is
missing some of the circuitry and would require a major rewiring.

I am trying to decide about painting the cases.

I am told by an auto paint shop which has done very nice painting (on
automobiles) for me in the past that they can match the paint and will
paint the cabinets if I do the preparation work by either stripping the
paint or sanding all the dings and feathering the edges.

They don't want 3rd party paint as they say they want to make sure all
is compatible and they may need to use a clear coat over it all.

I am trying to decide whether or not to do this or to buy paint which I
hope R&R has which is matching and try painting myself.

I am hoping that since the lettering is engraved, I will be able to fill
in the lettering with white latex paint after the case paint has cured.

Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

Anybody interested in a sharing the cost of commercial painting and
ending up with a painted case (from the 3rd parts receiver or your own
sheet metal) if I decide to have the commercial painting done?

Ian, K6SDE
San Jose, CA area

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