Drake T4XB/R4B Info?

Stan Laevens stan.laevens at RL.KPDSB.ON.CA
Tue Dec 8 16:17:24 EST 1998

Hello Everyone:

I am currently fixing up a somewhat battle scarred Drake B-Line and would like to hear from others who have experience with them. I have a few questions/concerns.

a) The RF amplifier tube in the R4B has been switched from a 6BZ6 to a 6HS6.The manual, schematic and chassis label all state that a 6BZ6 should be there. When I returned the 6BZ6 to its proper place the receiver did not perfrom as well. Was this a common change that some R4B owners liked to make? In this particular unit the 6HS6 provides much better sensitivity on the higher bands but at the expense of distortion.

b)  The PLATE and LOAD knobs on the T4XB are friction fit and don't use set screws. They don't seem to want to come off easily. The from panel of this unit is very soft metal. Any ideas how I get it apart without breaking or bending something?

c) In the event that I don't destroy the T4XB as outlined in part  "b" above, I would like to replace the meter with one that is not cracked and in perfect working order. Anybody have?

Thanks for your time and space.

Stan VA3SJ

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