Collins 75S-3c for $1,200

w8pu w8pu at YOUR-NET.COM
Mon Dec 28 16:37:13 EST 1998

Before we get into this argument over supply and demand, what the economy can
bare, and the rest of the auction b.s., I recently over heard on the news  ( I
wish I could remember the exact details ) that a leather jacket belonging to
some celebrity was auctioned on Ebay for charity or something . The bids went
over $100,000.  In actuality there were many bogus bids and the winning bid was
around $40,000 I believe. Ebay paid the difference to make it right. So who
knows. I would guess that if someone was willing to pay twice what something is
normally worth than either he really wants it that bad or has plans for it. Lets
just hope all these collectors don't find themselves stuck with allot of scrap
iron in 10 to 20  years. Today's new hams that don't know what a resistor is
aren't going to pay that kind of money for something without a built in serial
interface, voice I D, digital display, and roger beep. Many of the hams that
appreciate the old gear will have passed on.


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