Collins 75S-3c for $1,200

Ed Tanton n4xy at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Dec 28 16:24:45 EST 1998

Well Kelly, the average price of 75S3-Cs has easily been in/above that range
for over a year. Recently they have taken a small downturn TO $1200. Mint,
it might STILL be worth at least $1400 maybe even $1600. If this was a
couple of months ago, in MINT condition, $1600 probably would NOT have
bought it without a little luck-and I'm NOT talking about ebay. CCA
Excellent was going for that kind of money then. I suppose the avg prices on
items highly desirable internationally have taken this downturn due to the
Asian financial crisis. I would not be surprised if the reserve for a mint
unit was $1500. All things considered, I'm not sure he's going to sell it
for that, but if it REALLY is MINT, it's-at the least-an appropriate price.

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