Collins 75S-3c for $1,200

Mon Dec 28 15:35:00 EST 1998

No, you are not missing anything, Kelly, except maybe you've missed the
inflationary collectors' price pressure on Collins equipment recently.

The 75S-3C has commanded prices in the US$1500-$1800 range recently,
particularly with the CW filter - which I have recently seen sold alone for
US$200-$250. Don't forget, this was the premier receiver of the S-Line, with
its ability to switch in the extra crystal bank, and the extra filter
switch position.  By comparison, the 75S-3 has been selling for US$500 or so.

As you know, the pricing of this equipment will seek its own level.  The
problem I have is that much of it is going to foreign buyers - never again to
be seen in our domestic market!  They appear to be willing to pay more than you
or I think it is worth!  If prices do come down someday, we won't see Collins
gear flowing back into the US!

My opinion.....

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-> Date:         Mon, 28 Dec 1998 11:51:05 -0800
-> From: Kelly Taylor <ve4xt at MB.SYMPATICO.CA>
-> Subject:      Collins 75S-3c for $1,200
-> Hello all,
-> I in no way intend to denigrate any entity, corporate or personal, with this
-> question. It is, therefore, just a question.
-> A chap has bid $1,200 for a winged-emblem Collins 75s-3c, described as mint,
-> on eBay. Now, I fully believe in letting people pay what they wish and have
-> no quarrel with the auction process. It takes two to make a transaction.
-> this fellow sane?
-> Seems to me that $1,200 is more than twice what I've seen S-line stuff, both
-> RE and WE, on various classifieds, ba swap lists, etc.
-> Or am I missing something?
-> Again, I don't want to start a thread of eBay invectives. Buyers who get
-> burned on pricing on eBay have only themselves to blame for either not
-> understanding market value or allowing the enthusiasm of the bid process to
-> cloud their judgment. Tho I see that the reserve even at $1,200 has not yet
-> been met.
-> This just seems a glaring example.
-> 73, kelly
-> ve4xt

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