Parts needed for Navy Model RBO-2

Keith Heitzmann kk5fe at COMMUNIQUE.NET
Wed Feb 11 02:45:24 EST 1998

Hi all,

I am now the proud owner of an RBO-2 Navy receiver made by the E. H. Scott
Radio Laboratories in the cabinet, complete with shock mounts. Its serial
number is 12074 and the tag on the back says it was put in service in 12/45.

Now what I need to finish this radio (besides a lot of elbow grease) is the
front bezel and pointer. I don't know how much of a shot in the dark this
is, but if anyone has a parts unit I would like to buy this part (I would
even take the whole front panel ).

Please email directly if you have such an animal.

Thanks in advance,

Keith   KK5FE

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