TKS: Info request on Central Electronics 100V

Jan Axing janax at ALGONET.SE
Wed Feb 11 04:51:32 EST 1998

Hello folks,

A very big thank you for the replies, noone mentioned, noone forgotten.

The 100V is on the move through Sweden now. This TX will become
a nice companion to my SP600 for a period station setup.

I did check with the seller to make sure the phasing module was
in place, it was. It also comes with manuals and a box with
unspecified spare parts. No 160 meter. There is one restoration
project I will start up at once, to undo the 6550->6146 mod.
I don't have a variac, instead I have a regulated power supply
0-1800VDC 50 mA which is perfect for capacitor reforming.

Now, gimme a couple of months break and I'll have it on air
for some pleasant AM DX QSO's over the pool, one or two sidebands
at your choice.
I'll also try to find a period desk mike for it, not easy here.

Thanks again!
(I seem to have started a Central Electronics thread also :)

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