FS: Misc Speakers for the ham shack

J.Douglas Hensley w5jv at JUNO.COM
Wed Feb 18 00:35:01 EST 1998

For Sale:

(1) Hammarlund HQ-100 style cube speaker.  Increasingly hard to find gray
Hammarlund wrinkletex finish for earlier HQ models. Not new, not beat up,
just aging like we all are.  Traditional Hammarlund marblelized grey
fabric, unit about 8" x 8 x 8 or thereabouts.  No emblem but I think some
of the Hammarlund speakers were designed with a plain front as I have
seen pictures in the old Allied catalogs without the H.  Correct me if I
am wrong.  Original speaker and cord.  Press board bent but easily
removed and replaced or straightened.  $55 plus shipping from 70806.

(2) Flush mount 3-Way 6 X 9 speaker kits.  (2 pairs available)  60 watt
capacity each speaker.  Speakers bolt right to surface.  Bass increased
by porting rear mounting surface.  Can be installed flush mount on your
wall or on rack panel monitoring racks cutting ports in the rack panels
behind the flush-mount enclosures to extend the bass.  Very nice sound
that way.  NIB.  $35 pair plus shipping to your door.

(3) Flush mount 2-way 5 1/4" speaker kits.  As above but 30 watt capacity
each speaker and slightly smaller.  Good voice sound.  NIB.  $25 pair
plus shipping to your door.

(4) One pair of standard heavy duty 6 X 9's with molded non-resonant
panels and enclosures. Color is charcoal. Would make two excellent
communication speakers.  Enclosures have speaker terminals on rear for
spring loaded hook up.  New. Both enclosures, panels, and speakers: $50
plus shipping from 70806.

Please list your zip code in your reply.

73,  Doug

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